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Mac Outlook Recovery to Fix Database Daemon Errors

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely accepted E-mail client and personal information management application. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. In the most recent version of Microsoft Office for Mac, Outlook is replacement of Entourage, with added features and enhancements. It has improved database reliability, which minimizes the chances of database corruption and need of OLM repair solutions.

Although, Outlook 2011 for Mac is considered safer than all other versions, but still there are some situations where you may lose your critical data due to database corruption. You can understand this situation in a better way with the following scenarios:

  • The Outlook for Mac application suddenly crashes and stops working.
  • When you reboot your system and try to open the E-mail client, it gives you following error:
    Microsoft Database DaemonĀ  cannot be opened because of a problem
  • Outlook closes with the above error message and in all subsequent attempts of opening the application; you just get a bouncing Outlook logo in the doc.

When it happens, you lose access to your valuable data and need Mac Outlook repair solutions to work around the problem.


You must try the below mentioned solutions to fix this issue and gain access of your significant data:

  • Create a new Outlook account and see if the problem is duplicated. If the problem does not affect another account, then the issue is related to the account preferences. In this case, you can remove the preferences and start Outlook again.
  • Rebuild the Outlook Identity using Database Utility. It is a very handy tool that helps you fix a number of issues with the database.
  • Install the most recent updates to your Office applications. The updates provided by Microsoft have solutions to many such problems.
  • Restore the database from OLM (Outlook Data File) File, which is an archive of the database.

In case OLM file is also corrupted and inaccessible, you have to opt for OLM recovery tools. Such applications are capable of successfully repairing and restoring damaged Outlook OLM file. They ensure complete recovery of your significant data with advanced recovery techniques.