Mac Outlook Repair if Import Fails Post OLM File Corruption

Microsoft Outlook for Mac is a replacement for Entourage in Office for Mac 2011. It is a feature-rich application, which offers you all the benefits of an advanced E-mail client and personal information manager. One of the most innovative features of Outlook for Mac is the ability to create easy back and restore data quickly. It helps avoiding data loss and need of Mac Outlook recovery solutions.

Outlook for Mac allows you to create backup of your significant data to Outlook for Mac Data File (OLM). This file may contain huge amounts of data, which include various items like emails, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar entries, and more. You can also use the OLM to archive Outlook data or transfer data from one computer to another.

OLM Repair

Mac Outlook repair using OLM file import

When you run across critical corruption issues with Outlook for Mac data files, you can import OLM file using the following methods:

  • Open Outlook for Mac.
  • Select Import under the File menu.
  • Select Outlook Data File on the Import screen, and click right arrow.
  • Choose Outlook data file from the available files and click Import button.
  • Click Done when the import process is complete. Outlook shows imported items under On My Computer in the navigation pane.

The import process completes only if the OLM file is in perfect condition. In case the OLM file is corrupt, the import process fails and you encounter the error messages.

In such situations, you need to use OLM repair solutions to repair and restore the corrupted OLM files. The commercial recovery tools are effectively designed to extract all emails, contacts, notes, tasks, and other OLM file objects using the most advanced recovery algorithms.

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